Beyond Measure Fitness

The annual 21 Day Spring Shred is Here!


Ready to get into fitness at a safe and smart pace? Let’s go! 🔥


Yes! You’re ready to get moving and get some momentum going as we head into Spring and Summer. Every year we offer the community an opportunity to train with intensity, focus and purpose for 21 days. I mean we always do that, but this is a collective chance for us to jump-start the season and your health!

Who is the 21 Day Spring Shred for?

  • You’ve hit a plateau. Your routine is feeling sluggish and you need some extra gas in the tank

  • You thrive with goals, support and expert guidance

  • You took the winter off. #hibernationisabear

  • You’re ready to make time for yourself, and invest in your healthiest, happiest spring & summer

  • You’re working with an injury, or have graduated from PT and want to keep getting stronger!


What’s included in Your 21 Day Spring Shred Challenge?


✔️ In addition to your session packs, you’ll get unlimited access to unlimited HIIT training

✔️ A Meal plan guaranteed to help you lose weight and burn fat

✔️ Inbody measurements to track your progress

✔️ Private accountability Facebook group- we get more done together!

✔️ All of the healthy recipes you’ll ever need!

✔️ Awesome results in just 21 days!

✔️2 in-person strategy sessions: one session at the beginning of your 21 days to get you started, and one session at the end of your 21 days to celebrate your results and strategize what comes next for you and how to easily maintain your results

Here’s how it works:

  1. Select & purchase your package

  2. We’ll send you your jump-start 21 Day Shred Welcome package via email!

  3. You’ll book your initial 21 Day Spring Shred Strategy Session

  4. You’ll get started in a supportive community (you will pick the start date, but your 21 days must begin in the month of April)

  5. For 21 days you’ll focus on clean eating, energized and focus training, and results driven-lifestyle pivots that will propel you into a stronger, fitter you!

  6. At the end of your 21 days we’ll sit down an discuss your progress, trouble-shoot any drawbacks ad plan what comes next on your wellness journey

We can’t wait to get you moving!


Choose Your 21 Day Spring Shred package!

Curious about the 1-on-1 option?

Designed specifically for folks working with injuries, special considerations, or if you just feel more comfortable with one-on-one support, this package allows you to leverage the momentum of our 21 day challenge while receiving expert one-on-one personal attention twice a week for the the 21 days, in addition to individualized nutritional support.



Only 21 Spots Available!


“It's a life changing experience for me getting in shape and becoming healthier and I couldn't have done it with out the support of the this gym. ”


But nothing has ever worked for me…

We get it. You’ve tried almost everything and have yet to see sustainable results. So what’s the secret? The secret is in our culture. We provide a fun, safe and inclusive environment, that makes it easy to show up to consistently.

The workouts, meal plan, and accountability coaching are top notch, but it’s our culture and community at Beyond Measure Fitness that is what enables our members to get such great results.


“They are genuinely invested in my health and fitness. The coaches me the confidence and encouragement I need. All of the other members are amazing too. High fives all around at the end of the workout and I have never once felt judged.”


What’s included?

✔️ Your choice of 1 on 1, Small Group, and unlimited HIIT training

✔️ Meal plan guaranteed to help you lose weight and burn fat

✔️ Inbody measurements

✔️ Private accountability Facebook group

✔️ All of the healthy recipes you’ll ever need!

✔️ Awesome results in just 21 days!


Q: How do I know this gym will be the right fit for me?

A: It doesn’t matter if you haven’t set foot in a gym in years, or just need some help staying more consistent. Our coaches are excellent at meeting you where you’re at. Plus, our community of friendly coaches and members help make the process of starting a new gym as painless as possible!

Q: How old are your members?

A: Most of our members are between the ages of 45-60. However, we do have members in their 20s and 30s.

Q: Do I have to be in shape before I start?

A: Absolutely not! Our coaches will be sure to gradually challenge you at your own pace in order to ensure safety and optimal results.

Q: If I am dealing with pain or a minor injury, can I still participate?

Almost always! If you have been dealing with aches and pains, its likely due to a lack of quality movement. By increasing your mobility, flexibility and strength, it’s very likely that your pain will start to fade! This is where our expert coaches excel!

Q: What does the session schedule look like?

1-on-1 Personal Training

Monday-Saturday anytime between 5:00am and 8:00pm. Additional training times may be available.

Small group personal training:


5:00am, 7:00am, 8:00am, 9:00am — 4:00pm, 5:00pm, 7:00pm


10:00am, 11:00am


Still not sure what to pick?

We understand that our gym may not be for everyone, and that’s totally ok! The 21 Day Shred might not the place you want to begin, no worries! We have other options to get you moving in the right direction.

Schedule a quick phone call with us so we can answer all of your questions and clearly explain how everything works. If you don’t feel comfortable after talking to our super-friendly down-to-earth team, our gym probably isn’t for you!