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Do you look in the mirror and feel frustrated, upset or humiliated because of how your body looks? *
When you feel down and tired, what do you think is the source of these feelings? *
Are you taking medications for heart disease high blood pressure, or type II diabetes that you didn't have to take when you were younger? *
If your fitness has deteriorated over the years, how do you explain the fact that you're in worse shape than when you were younger but haven't changed your habits at all? *
If you don't have anyone to exercise with regularly, are you willing to look for a physical activity partner? *
Are you willing to join a gym today? *
If someone told you that you'd need to throw away all the foods in your cupboards today and go shopping for different foods that are more appropriate to your goal, would you do it? *
If an expert presents some information on diet and exercise that contradicts what you currently believe, what approach will you take? *
Are you willing to have a meeting with your firends and loved ones and share your behavior goals and desired outcomes with them? *
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